About this game:
Become a Trekker and chill out while exploring the world in Wonder Wander, a relaxed and easy-going idle adventure game! Take a break from your busy life, discover hidden wonders and meet other friendly Trekkers, and explore at your own pace without breaking a sweat!

Set off on an adventure on Eldrid Island! As a Trekking influencer, you’ve received an exciting offer from the village leader on Eldrid Island: “Uncover the island’s hidden treasures and share its magic with the world.” You were supposed to come to the island to simply discover beautiful landscapes, rare animals, plants, meet friendly locals and create unforgettable memories in Wonder Wander

Connect and Share:
Play anytime, anywhere, without any pressure! Simply go on the venture at your own pace, relax, meet and hang out with players worldwide to share the fun together.

Collect and Craft:
Explore Eldrid Island, gather items, utilize them to craft personalized creations and create your own book showcasing your discoveries. Unveil the island’s mysteries as you embark on your adventures.

Friends and Fun:
Trade collected items with fellow Trekkers you encounter during your journey. Customize outfits to reflect your mood and personality and join your friends in exciting adventures.

ALWAYS with You:
Your Trekker avatar is always by your side on the desktop screen, seeing how you’re doing. Play whenever you feel like it or let them idle in the background